Through several decades of acting for housing associations, the team at Sedgwick Legal has developed an intimate knowledge of all the sector-specific internal procedures that need to be adhered to, and an in-depth understanding of the typical issues faced. That’s why North West housing associations know that with our support, they can rely on a unique level of expertise and understanding.

It’s been more than five decades since we first started taking care of social housing related matters for organisations across the North West. Our scope of knowledge is vast and housing associations region wide have come to trust as their long term legal partners.

As a housing association, there are many areas in which our dedicated housing experts can help you:

  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Freehold sales
  • Housing regeneration
  • Stock transfers
  • Home-swaps
  • Stock management
  • Ground rents advice
  • Right to buy
  • Housing disrepair
  • Alleged accident & personal injury investigations
  • Dispute resolution

In all we do, everything is focused on your best interests. Getting to know you is very important to us, so we can deliver advice that’s wholly relevant to your individual situation. It also means we can react swiftly should anything arise, and deliver a highly cost effective service at the same time.

Housing regeneration and stock transfers

Registered Social Landlord (RSL) stock transfer work is one of our specialist areas of expertise. If you’re dealing with housing estate renewal and regeneration following local authority stock transfer, or council estate acquisition, we truly understand the issues you’ll typically face. This understanding means we can bring you competitive cost advantages, using our knowledge to deal with all the arising legal matters. From surplus ground rent disposal to home-swaps, compulsory purchase orders and telephone mast problems, there’s nothing we haven’t been involved in.

Resolving disputes

There are many ways to resolve a dispute and, in the social housing sector, we’ve been highly successful over the years in achieving favourable outcomes for our housing association clients. Specialised expertise in this sector, and in-depth knowledge of the internal procedures that govern the way you can act as a housing association, mean we can offer you good insight into the most advantageous methods of approaching a disagreement so they can be resolved as quickly, amicably and cost effectively as possible. 

So whether you’re facing a building dispute, need to instigate a repossession order, have an issue with a negligent professional, or there’s a disagreement with a tenant, you can rely on Sedgwick Legal for the outcome you need.

Housing disrepair claims

The growing issue of housing disrepair claims and associated allegations of personal injury by tenants is something in which the team at Sedgwick Legal decided to intervene some years back. In response to what was becoming a common problem for our housing association clients across the North West, we set up a dedicated team to not only deal with these claims, but to provide training for housing association staff to aid their understanding of the issues and enable them to deal with some of the more straightforward claims more effectively.

If you are dealing with such allegations, you’ll know how it can become all-consuming from an administration point of view. You’ll also be acutely aware of the effect it can have on your annual budgets too. Not all allegations however have sufficient or in some cases any merits and part of our work involves investigating claims using expert witnesses. In a high number of cases we’ve been able to disprove allegations, so if this is something you’re facing, it’s worth talking to us and keeping an optimistic view.

For dedicated advice on any housing association matter please call us on 0161 6535299 

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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