Employment Law

Knowing you’re up to date with all your workplace policies and procedures, and understanding just how that latest legislation update is going to affect your business – and being prepared for it – might sound like a set of ideals. Take on Sedgwick Legal as your employment advisers however, and it will all be part of your everyday business life.

Here at Sedgwick Legal, employment law advice is something we’ve been providing to small businesses across Middleton and North Manchester for more than 50 years.

We offer a comprehensive HR and employment package on a flexible basis. You can choose full support, or just the elements you’d like help with. Take advantage of our convenient electronic package for instant access to employment documents and to help with your day-to-day HR needs and you’ll find planning and keeping track of things like staff leave become so much more streamlined. However you use our service, you’ll find the monthly fixed cost excellent value and there are no set-up fees or notice periods.

Keeping you compliant

Getting to know you is where we’ll start. Understanding how your business operates and being aware of your aims and wishes for the future mean we can deliver advice that’s relevant and constructive. It also means that if we need to step in when there’s a situation developing, we’ll be able to act swiftly and cost effectively.

It’s important to us that you stay compliant: it’s in your best interests because it helps avoid potential issues. We offer a service involving drawing up or perfecting policies, contracts and other official documentation. Then we’ll keep in touch to make sure all that documentation remains compliant and we’ll update you whenever something changes with the law, so you’re always in the picture.

Advice on legal changes affecting your bottom line

We also like to get in touch for a chat whenever there’s a new legal update on the horizon. Forewarned is forearmed, and some legislation changes need more than just a policy update. Sometimes there will be a change to the law that will need planning in a financial sense, because it will affect statutory pay or benefits. The introduction of shared parental leave and pay is a good example, as is Pension Auto Enrolment. 

The good thing about working with Sedgwick Legal is that we’re a close-knit team of specialists who can help you right across all areas of business law. 

Expert representation in tribunal claims

Whilst our first priority is to get and keep you compliant so potential issues can be avoided, we are here for you should the need arise for tribunal representation. Over the years we’ve successfully and personally represented businesses up against a range of claims including unfair dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract and harassment. If you’re facing anything like this then get in touch without hesitation and we’ll step in to help right away. 

Displinary Hearings

Holding a disciplinary hearing click here to download our fact sheet.

Restrictive Covenants

​Click here for our fact sheet on restrictive covenants.


To talk to us about any employment law matter please call us on 0161 6535299

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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