Dispute Resolution & Litigation

There are lots of ways to resolve a business dispute. If you’re facing one, or there’s something developing, we’d like to help. With Sedgwick Legal on your side, you’ll have access to exceptional advice and expertise, meaning the situation will be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible.

Sedgwick Legal has been providing legal services for more than 50 years. Throughout Middleton and North Manchester we’ve become known and respected for our personal service and understanding of how certain situations can affect a business, and its owners.

The importance of a tailored solution

When you’re facing a business dispute, the most important thing you can get from your legal adviser is an individually tailored solution. With our sound knowledge of the range of dispute resolution techniques available, and a full understanding of your particular situation, we’ll be able to take you down the route that will be most effective for you.

Part of your individually tailored solution also needs to encompass how you’d like the outcome to pan out, not just financially but in terms of reputation, publicity and relationships with those involved in the disagreement. It’s important the result is one everyone can live with comfortably, so you’ll find us honest and realistic and our advice practical.

We can assist you if you are facing any of the following:

•    Contract disputes
•    Employment disputes
•    Landlord and tenant disputes
•    Construction and land disputes
•    Housing association disputes
•    Partnership disputes
•    Unpaid debts

Thinking things through

Whether we’re negotiating on your behalf, using mediation, arbitration, adjudication, litigation or another way of resolving a dispute, we’re ready for action and switched on when it comes to technical skill, but at the same time measured and relaxed in our approach. So there is always time to think things through. 

What we really prefer to do is head-off arising issues before they escalate into full-blown disputes. So if there is something brewing that’s been on your mind, we urge you to talk to us sooner rather than later. It’s always so much easier – and cost effective – to settle things at the earliest stage possible.

Your options: all made clear

There is a range of options when it comes to funding your dispute resolution case and we’ll talk to you about all of them when we meet so you’re clear on your choices.

Whether you need to pursue a dispute, or defend a claim made against you, or you need representation at a hearing or investigation, you can rely on Sedgwick Legal for all the advice and assistance you need. We cover Middleton and the whole of North Manchester.

To talk to us about a business dispute please call us on 0161 6535299

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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