Industrial Accidents

If you’ve been injured in an industrial accident, or on a construction site, the chances are it was caused by a health and safety failing. If an employer or contractor was to blame, industrial accident compensation will repay you for the time you’ve had to spend off work.

It will also pay for any treatment you need so you can get back on your feet and return to work as quickly as possible. A compensation award will also cover what you’ve had to spend attending hospital appointments and the costs of any adaptations you need to your home or vehicle. And of course it will take in all you and your family have been through as a result, too.

Getting you the best treatment possible

Here at Sedgwick Legal we’ve looked after many industrial and construction workers who have experienced accidents in factories or on sites across the North West of England. We often find that industrial accidents are associated with serious or life changing injuries and it is in cases like these where we’ve achieved a well-respected track record in obtaining very high sums in compensation for our clients. 
First and foremost our aim is to get you the very best medical attention possible and where we can, we’ll press for interim payments early on in the claim so that quality treatment can begin immediately. It really can make all the difference long term.

Industrial Accident Compensation: Employed & Self Employed

It’s not only employed individuals who can make claims against employers for health and safety failings leading to accidents. We have also successfully pursued compensation for a number of self-employed construction workers. It does depend on the individual circumstances, but it’s always worth a chat to see how we can help.
On a more sensitive note, if you’re reading this because you’ve lost a loved one in an industrial accident, then please get in touch. We can sit down and talk about how you can claim compensation on their behalf, and for your loss.
We’ve been taking care of industrial and construction accident claims across the North West of England for 50 years. The experience and success record we’ve achieved over this time, and the fact that everything we do is face-to-face and absolutely focused on what matters to you, make a real difference.
To talk to us about an industrial accident call us on 0161 6535299

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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