Trip or Fall Accidents

When you’ve been injured after a trip or fall in a public place or on the street, having people on your side that genuinely care about getting you back on your feet is an advantage you’ll realise makes all the difference. And that’s just how you’ll find us here at Sedgwick Legal.

Sometimes when we speak to people injured in a trip or fall accident, we learn they’re a little uncertain about claiming. That’s usually because they’ve either tripped in the street and are worried about claiming against the local council, or they’ve had a fall in a shop, a restaurant or a pub for example and going up against a big name is a little daunting.

Your right to a safe environment

If you’re feeling the same way, let us put your mind at rest. Local councils and private companies have a duty to provide a safe environment. So if for example the council has left a pathway icy or hasn’t mended a broken paving stone, or a spillage hasn’t been cleaned up in a shop and you’ve slipped or tripped as a result, they’ll need to compensate you for your injuries, and your expenses and loss of earnings too.

The personal service you need after a trip or fall

At Sedgwick Legal we’ve been taking care of those who need to claim compensation after a trip or fall accident for more than 50 years. We handle claims across the North West and our success rate is highly respected in the region. 

We are tenacious in getting results, but you’ll find our service to you is a personal one. We’ll meet up and get to know how your accident has changed things so we can properly understand what’s needed to get you back as close as possible to where you were before. If you need medical treatment or rehabilitation, we’ll organise everything. At Sedgwick Legal the service goes much deeper.

Whether your injuries are set to subside soon or they’re more serious, or you are representing someone who’s suffered a fatal trip or fall, we’re keen to help. It all starts with a chat, which is free and without obligation. 

If you’ve had a trip or fall at work, there’s some further information for you on our Accidents at Work page.

To talk to us about a trip or fall accident call us on 0161 6535299

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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