Accidents At Work

When you’ve been through an accident in your workplace it really is important not to feel put off making a claim because of worries over what your employer might do. The fact is, the law is on your side and, here at Sedgwick Legal, we’re on your side too.

You should never hesitate in seeking compensation for injuries you’ve sustained because of an accident at work that wasn’t your fault. Your employer, more often than not, will have insurance to cover your compensation. And as we said, the law is on your side: no employer is allowed to take action against an employee just because they’ve made a claim, plus employers are bound by strict rules on what they must and must not do when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

Taking care of workplace accident claims North West wide 

Here at Sedgwick Legal we take care of work accident claims right across the North West of England and have successfully handled literally thousands of work injury cases over the past 50 years. We’d welcome the chance to help you too. All it takes is a call to our helpful office and they’ll personally arrange for your own dedicated accident specialist to drop by and see you.

At Sedgwick Legal it’s so much more than compensation

You may have had an accident whilst using a machine that wasn’t properly guarded, or something happened because there was no safety equipment provided or you weren’t given proper training. It might be you injured yourself whilst lifting or moving something heavy, you fell from a height or you tripped or slipped because the right safety measures weren’t in place.

Whether you’ve suffered a minor injury and expect to be back on your feet in the near future, or something more serious has happened meaning your road to recovery will be a longer one or the injuries are life changing, we’re going to make sure we fully understand how you’ve been affected. In addition to taking care of your compensation claim, we’ll also help with rehabilitation and any treatment needed, coordinating with healthcare providers and organising any alterations you need at home to make life easier. It’s all part of our one-to-one service.

To talk to us about an accident at work call us on 0161 6535299

For more information please call us on 0161 6535299

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