When you’ve got something going on at work, it can often feel all-encompassing. Having someone to talk to who appreciates that, and who can put your mind at rest through the benefit of expert knowledge and many years of experience, can really make all the difference.

Perhaps you’ve been offered a settlement agreement. Maybe certain rights you have as an employee aren’t being properly honoured or you believe you haven’t been treated fairly. At Sedgwick Legal, we’re on your side.

Putting your mind at rest

Whatever may be going on at work, we fully appreciate how it can spill over into life at home, too. And that’s precisely why it’s important to us to deal with it swiftly for you, so we can put your mind at rest and get you back to life as normal.

Here at Sedgwick Legal we’ve been resolving workplace issues for employees across Middleton and North Manchester for over 50 years. Something in particular our clients regularly comment on is how we ensure we fully understand their situation, and the effects it’s having on all aspects of life.

Your best interests, OUR concern

We provide a face-to-face service where we’ll sit down and chat through what’s been happening, and you’ll receive advice tailored to settling your concerns, with all your best interests in mind.

Many issues employees ask us for help with can be settled in a few simple steps. Some expert advice and a well drafted letter are often all it takes. But of course if things need to be taken further, you’ll find all the guidance you need from our experts. Perhaps you’ve been dismissed for reasons you feel are unfair, redundancy is on the cards or you believe you’ve been discriminated against. 

Whatever you are facing, we can help. And the good news is, if it comes to it and you need to be represented at a tribunal, you’ll have the same specialist by your side who’s been with you all the way through your case.

Taking the first step

The first step is to give us a call or pop in to see us. Once we know a little more we can advise the next stage. This might be some advice and a letter which we’ll provide for a reasonable fixed fee. If you’ve been given a settlement agreement then we’ll arrange to give you the guidance you need. Your employer should cover the fee for that. And for anything else, we can have a chat about funding options which include no-win, no-fee, fixed fees and insurance.

To talk to us about a work related matter call us on 0161 6535299

Settlement Agreements

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